We Gambled Everything

The Life and Times of an Oilman

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Arne Nielsen (CA)

“We gambled everything, our careers, our fortunes, the future of our nation, and every day brought new discoveries. It was like living on a frontier.”

Arne Nielsen The memoir of Canadian petroleum industry leader Arne Nielsen is not a conventional business biography. During his six decades in the business, he witnessed critical events in the oil industry that influenced Canada?s economic history. From rain-soaked tents on the Arctic barren land to the luxurious New York offices of a multinational oil company, Arne Nielsen?s expansive knowledge of geology and the oil industry made him one of the most influential and well-known figures of his time. His memoir provides crucial details and unique perspectives on events that will be of interest to the next generation of oil industry executives as well as to consumers, economists, and ecologists.

University of Alberta Press
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