What’s the Difference?

10 Animal Look-Alikes

Author/Illustrator/Editor: David Plumb, Judy Diehl (CA)

What’s the difference between a butterfly and a moth? A frog and a toad? An alligator and a crocodile? Curious kids will enjoy discovering the differences between animals that frequently confuse us. What’s the Difference? compares ten animal pairs, from insects to mammals. While both tortoises and turtles are shelled reptiles, a tortoise has sturdy, elephant-like feet for walking on land, while a turtle swims using flippers. Cheetahs and leopards are both large, spotted cats; one difference is that cheetahs have long legs and run very fast, while leopards count on their stealth to sneak up behind their prey.

Colorful, clear illustrations place the animals vividly in their natural environments, and the layout of the book places them side by side for easy comparison. What’s the Difference? was developed in conjunction with the Canadian Museum of Nature. At the end of the book, a key to the animal pairs and an index for quick reference is provided.

Annick Press
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09/02/20009781550375640JUVENILE NONFICTION / Animals / General
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