Writing from the Borderlands

A Study of Chicano, Afro-Caribbean and Native Literatures in North America

Author/Illustrator/Editor: Carmen Caliz-Montroro

This work looks at the literary responses of three North American minorities: the Chicanos in the United States, the African Caribbean minority in Canada, and the Native North Americans. Examining in detail the poetry of Gloria Anzada and Alma Villanueva, and the poerformative work of Guillermo Gmez-Pea; the fiction and poetry of Dionne Brand, Claire Harris, and Marlene Nourbese Philip; the plays of Tomson Highway and the poetry of Arthur Solomon, Carmen Cliz-Montoro shows how in these diverse yet similar cases mythology and symbolism are transformed and recreated to respond to the burdens of history to produce new works of art.”Carmen Cliz-Montoro’s writing on the synthesis of difference is a beautiful discourse on feminine spirituality in literature. This book is an artist’s appreciation of subjectivity in which emotional reactions to the turmoils of gender, race and economic marginilization are articulated through the various literary genres that the author has studied. Cliz-Montoro’s writing is distinguished by a sincere search for truth, harmony and peace.”
– Frederick Ivor Case, University of Toronto

Mawenzi House
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01/01/20009780920661871LITERARY CRITICISM / Caribbean & Latin American
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