les éditions du passage

Our desire is to share the beauty, meaning, and reflection arising from them.

Since its foundation in 1999, les éditions du passage has endeavoured to offer a space for meaningful encounters.

Encounters among artists, painters, sculptors, photographers, authors, illustrators… talents to discover and rediscover; encounters between the arts and sciences, literature and history, the known and the yet to be discovered, the anecdotal and the essential; encounters arising from events, chance, coincidence, shared interests, desires and passions; encounters that nourish a clear objective: to give birth to the beauty, meaning and reflective nature of our publications.

To achieve this, les éditions du passage has given precedence to high standards and quality – both literary and iconographic.

Each of our books is the result of deep contemplation, the fruit of a long process of gestation.

Our role is to create, explore, discover.
Our goal is to remain unclassifiable.

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Selected Books: