The Porcupine’s Quill

The Porcupine’s Quill is an artisanal book publisher that values the art and craft of the book in form and content. For over forty years, we have endeavored to preserve the culture of the printed word by applying our expertise in the art of 20th-century offset printing technology in the creation of high-quality books that look and feel like 19th-century letterpress products. Most of the production work is completed at the shop on Main Street in Erin Village, where books are printed on a twenty-five inch Heidelberg KORD, folded, and then sewn into sig natures on a 1905 model Smyth National Book sewing machine.

Editorially, we specialize in acquiring work by Canadian authors whose voices are new, underrepresented or verging on oblivion. We particularly focus on books that represent the intersection between literature and other creative disciplines: between text and image, memoir and music, letterpress and offset. Our selectively acquired fiction and poetry features authors at all stages of their careers, and our non-fiction reaches beyond literature into music, art, pop culture and politics. We are proud to be one of very few presses in Canada to produce wordless novels and popularly priced trade replicas of hand-printed, limited edition artists’ books.


Selected Books: