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Deadline: June 8


Now published once a year, the new Rights Canada catalogue format allows us to maintain and improve the quality of the catalogue, as well as encourage greater distribution of your books abroad.

Titles registered in the Rights Canada catalogue benefit from increased visibility through our partnership with IPR License, an online rights platform. Since IPR License was first launched in 2012, titles have been viewed in 201 countries across 168 languages. This partnership will enable us to promote more than 275 titles in a catalogue that will be distributed ahead of international fairs.

In addition to being promoted on the Livres Canada Books website and social media, titles in Rights Canada catalogue are now featured on the IPR License platform through online accounts for participating publishers.

Publishers who participated in the 2017–2018 Rights Canada catalogue and who are submitting new titles in the 2018–2019 edition, or who wish to resubmit last year’s titles, can keep all titles on their IPR accounts until July 31, 2019. After that date, there will be a 5-title limit, favouring the titles included in the 2019–2020 catalogue.

The accounts of publishers who are not participating in the 2018–2019 edition of Rights Canada will be deactivated after July 31st, 2018 to keep the listings consistent with the Rights Canada catalogue.

For any questions about the new Rights Canada catalogue and IPR License, please email Gabrielle Etcheverry, Manager, Digital Publishing and International Markets, or Brittany Poulin, IPR License Accounts Manager.

Inclusion in the catalogue is free of charge and space will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Our catalogue will include up to 285 titles and the number of titles a publisher can include in the catalogue corresponds to the number of titles published over the course of the year.

Take advantage of this comprehensive and free promotion for your books. Consult our registration options to learn how many titles you can submit:


*Option                                                                                    Maximum Number of Titles

Publishers that have published under 15 titles/year                         Up to 2 titles

Publishers that have published 15–30 titles/year                              Up to 3 titles

Publishers that have published 30–50 titles/year                              Up to 4 titles

Publishers that have published over 50 titles/year                            Up to 5 titles

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  • Distribution ahead of the Frankfurt Book Fair, Bologna Book Fair, and London Book Fair
  • Access to an extensive database of international buyers
  • Increased visibility of your titles worldwide and greater access to new markets
  • Digital distribution to a large network of industry professionals responsible for the purchase and sale of book rights
  • Large-scale promotion on Livres Canada Books and IPR License social media pages and websites

Ahead of Frankfurt Book Fair 2020, at which Canada will be the Guest of Honour, Rights Canada will give greater access to your titles. Don’t miss the opportunity to register your titles free of charge!

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Do you want greater visibility? We also offer publishers the option of including an advertisement at an affordable rate. Advertisements are designed by the publisher and submitted to Livres Canada Books before publication. Consult our pricing scheme here:


OPTION                                               PRICE

Title listing                                           FREE

Half-page advertisement             $ 500 + HST


Specs for half page ad:

  • 235 mm wide
  • 150 mm high
  • Suggested text Margin: 10 mm all around
  • Bleed: 3 mm all around; export with crop marks, offset by 4mm

We look forward to your registration and to promoting the discovery of great Canadian books!

*Note: Access to Livres Canada Books’ services is limited to anyone who meets the specific criteria defining a “professional publisher” as set out by the Canada Book Fund. For more information, please visit our website.

For more information, contact Tabitha Hartropp, our Communications Officer, by email or telephone at 613 562-2324, extension 228.