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TechForum 2019 : Keywords and Ebook Discoverability

By: Tabitha Hartropp

In today’s post, we share insights from last spring’s TechForum presentation, Keywords and Discoverability on Amazon: A Canadian Context, given by Shannon Culver, Technology Manager at eBound Canada and consultant Amanda Lee. As ebooks and online shopping become more commonplace in the habits of Canadian consumers, eBound Canada researchers teamed up with Firebrand and Kadaxis to study the impact of keywords on ebook sales and discoverability.

08/27/2019 | Book Fairs, Digital

TechForum 2019: Artificial Intelligence and Discoverability

By: Tabitha Hartropp

This year’s TechForum conference featured many presentations on the latest research and developments connected to publishing. In today’s post, we provide a recap of the presentation Project TAMIS: Using AI to Address Discoverability given by Christian Roy, president of Brix Labs.

08/19/2019 | Book Fairs, Digital

Fireside Chat with Ritu Bhasin and Léonicka Valcius

By: Tabitha Hartropp

The subject of diversity has grown in importance in Canadian publishing over the past few years, with ACP publishing a report this year on the state of diversity in the industry. Publishers are eager to incorporate inclusive practices but are not necessarily sure where to start. As part of TechForum 2019, Léonicka Valcius sat down... Read more »

07/03/2019 | Book Fairs, Events

TechForum 2019: Keynote

By: Tabitha Hartropp

In today’s post, we recap the keynote speech of the forum, which was given by Ritu Bhasin, an award-winning speaker, author, and expert in diversity and inclusion, women’s advancement and authentic leadership. Her keynote speech titled Disrupting Bias: Overcoming our Discomfort with Difference explored how to take on the bias that exists in our lives and our systems.

06/26/2019 | Book Fairs, Events

Swiss village, mountain background

Spotlight on Switzerland

By: Tabitha Hartropp

In advance of Switzerland’s appearance as the Guest of Honour at the 2019 Bologna Children’s Book Fair, we present a brief overview of the country and its publishing industry. Known for its neutrality, Switzerland is a small but mighty country with strong political and economic ties to its European neighbours. These ties are further strengthened... Read more »

03/25/2019 | Book Fairs, Export

Grassy island in Indonesia at sunrise

2019 London Book Fair Market Focus Spotlight: Indonesia

By: Tabitha Hartropp

Indonesia is the market focus at this year’s London Book Fair. Before packing your bags, take a moment to read up on this fascinating market.

03/08/2019 | Book Fairs, Export

Platforms and Audiences

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

In today’s post we provide an overview of the presentations on new and exciting platforms that are enabling publishers to connect with readers. Gaining and retaining book buyers and readers is increasingly difficult in an environment saturated with content in multiple formats hailing from various sources. These distribution models—a subscription-based book club, a cloud-based platform for creating and cataloguing ebooks, and an audiobook subscription service—have made remarkable progress towards building audiences in their respective markets and beyond.

11/21/2018 | Book Fairs, Digital, Distribution, Export

The Markets Conference at the Frankfurt Book Fair

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Finding accurate and timely information on international markets can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Last month we had the pleasure of attending The Markets conference at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Over the next weeks, we will be providing a breakdown of some of the key sessions from the day.

11/12/2018 | Book Fairs, Digital, Events, Export, Market Guides, Rights