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Fireside Chat with Ritu Bhasin and Léonicka Valcius

By: Tabitha Hartropp

The subject of diversity has grown in importance in Canadian publishing over the past few years, with ACP publishing a report this year on the state of diversity in the industry. Publishers are eager to incorporate inclusive practices but are not necessarily sure where to start. As part of TechForum 2019, Léonicka Valcius sat down... Read more »

07/03/2019 | Book Fairs, Events

TechForum 2019: Keynote

By: Tabitha Hartropp

In today’s post, we recap the keynote speech of the forum, which was given by Ritu Bhasin, an award-winning speaker, author, and expert in diversity and inclusion, women’s advancement and authentic leadership. Her keynote speech titled Disrupting Bias: Overcoming our Discomfort with Difference explored how to take on the bias that exists in our lives and our systems.

06/26/2019 | Book Fairs, Events

The Markets Conference at the Frankfurt Book Fair

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

Finding accurate and timely information on international markets can sometimes feel like a daunting task. Last month we had the pleasure of attending The Markets conference at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Over the next weeks, we will be providing a breakdown of some of the key sessions from the day.

11/12/2018 | Book Fairs, Digital, Events, Export, Market Guides, Rights

Closing Talks: TechForum 2018

By: Tabitha Hartropp

All good things come to end, and TechForum did so with a bang. With informative and inspiring presentations from Noah Genner, CEO and president of BookNet Canada, and from Jim Stengel, former global marketing officer for Procter & Gamble, we were sad to see the day come to a close. Read on for the latest statistics on the Canadian book market and for interesting insights in inspiring your team.

07/19/2018 | Digital, Events

Audio Publishing: TechForum 2018

By: Gabrielle Etcheverry

The audiobook boom is forging new and exciting possibilities and challenges for publishers of all sizes. BookNet Canada’s TechForum addressed some of the latest developments in Canada’s audio publishing ecosystem. Here, we present some of the highlights from the high-level session on audio publishing, and some of the latest models and strategies publishers and distributors have been using to stay ahead in this exciting market.

06/21/2018 | Digital, Events

Retail Goes Digital: TechForum 2018

By: Tabitha Hartropp

Continuing our recaps of TechForum presentations, below are some highlights from one of the final panels of the day, as six independent booksellers got together to share what they have learned about surviving the digital world.

06/14/2018 | Digital, Events

Awareness Gaps: Gender Bias and Digital Divides at TechForum 2018

By: Tabitha Hartropp

Continuing our recaps of TechForum presentations, in today’s post we share insights from an analysis of thousands of titles from McGill University’s .txtLAB and we consider communities who have yet to connect to the World Wide Web.

05/31/2018 | Digital, Events

New Tools for the Trade: Curation and Video Marketing at TechForum 2018

By: Tabitha Hartropp

Earlier, we published a recap of the opening talks at TechForum. Now we turn to the more practical side of things, looking at the potential curation holds for the publishing industry as well as tips and tricks to create a successful video marketing campaign. The following is an overview of two talks in Toronto. We... Read more »

05/24/2018 | Digital, Events