Foreign Rights Marketing Assistance Program (FRMAP)


Given the health and safety precautions set out by the Government of Canada owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, until further notice Livres Canada Books does not support or encourage international travel.

We will, nevertheless, continue to provide financial assistance for non-refundable expenses resulting from cancellations.


This program fosters Canadian publishers’ export sales by providing cost-shared funding for export sales trips and participation in international book fairs and trade events.

Livres Canada Books supports exporting publishers from all regions of Canada, including national and provincial publisher associations, through this fund.

Eligible publishers may choose from a diverse range of conferences, industry events, book fairs and sales trips that best meet their export marketing needs.

Guidelines and Forms

To learn more about FRMAP, including eligibility criteria, click on the links below to download guidelines, qualifying events and other forms as PDF files.

To view the forms, please download, save to your computer and then open with Acrobat Reader. Forms will not appear in web viewers.



2020-2021 FRMAP reimbursements for cancelled events    Deadline: March 31, 2021

We ask that FRMAP recipients follow the 2020-2021 FRMAP guidelines. A few specifics: for airline tickets, we ask that recipients submit the actual paid amount (including refunds and cancellation fees). For accommodations, if the recipient received a full refund, no travel allowance will be issued. If one or more nights accommodation was charged as a penalty, the recipient will receive the travel allowance corresponding to the number of nights penalty, up to a maximum contribution based on the number of days of the event (maximum of 4 days). It is important to note that since the travel allowance covers only accommodation expenses related to the cancellation of the event, the allowance cannot be more than the expenses incurred. We ask that claims include a copy of the correspondence exchanged leading to the cancellation of accommodation.

2020-2021 FRMAP Special Redistribution                           Deadline: March 31, 2021

The following expenses are not eligible under the FRMAP special redistribution :

  • Expenses not related to your export activities;
  • Hospitality expenses;
  • Expenses related to foreign authors;
  • Expenses related to volunteer support, such as training, meals, distinctive clothing and/or recognition.