Exporting Digital Books: A Guide to Best Practices for Canadian Publishers (2011)

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New technologies are changing how publishers create, manage and distribute books. Established models are giving way to more complex decisions about maintaining, selling or licensing rights for digital content. This best practices guide provides Canadian publishers with the information they need to compete and grow in this emerging digital marketplace.

Prepared for Livres Canada Books by publishing veteran Brian O’Leary of Magellan Media (with input from information technology expert Clément Laberge on the French market), this guide includes:

  • Intelligence on traditionally strong export markets for Canadian print products as well as new and emerging markets that offer Canadian publishers digital export opportunities;
  • Information about formats, standards, devices and operating systems, and anticipated advances in digital distribution technology options that Canadian publishers should consider to maintain, sell or license digital rights outside of Canada;
  • Strategic advice regarding digital formats and rights to help Canadian publishers maximize digital income; and
  • Resources that Canadian publishers can use to stay current as digital content markets evolve.

68 pages

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