International Digital Rights Symposium Videos 2010

John Oakes, OR Books (USA)

Embracing Change: New models for publishing, distribution, and production

165 MB | 00:23:55

Ronald Schild, MVB Marketing Online (Germany)

Protecting Your Rights: New approaches in DRM-free eBooks

239 MB | 00:36:50

Silvia Clemares, Grup62 (Spain)

The Challenge of Digital Publishing in a Traditional Context: Grup62’s experience

131 MB | 00:22:58

Eoin Purcell, Green Lamp Media (Ireland)

Ways forward: Savvy publishing for domestic audiences and consumers on the other side of the world

117 MB | 00:17:53

Erin Creasy, ECW Press (Canada)

Borderless eBooks: Exporting eBooks and selling digital rights

151 MB | 00:27:09

Michael Tamblyn, Kobo (Canada)

Local, National, International: Working together for multi-market eBook sales

154 MB | 00:28:55