Exporting to Georgia

Free Webinar: Exporting to Georgia

Guest of Honour at the 2018 Frankfurt Book Fair

Although small, Georgia—a country of 4.6 million people located in Eastern Europe—has one of the most developed book markets in the Caucasus region.

Over the past 25 years, the Georgian publishing and literary community has experienced numerous difficulties but has, nevertheless, rapidly formed and expanded business relationships with industry professionals and specialists from all over the world. It has taken on new challenges, and encouraged and assisted in the development of its publishing of contemporary fiction and its translation school, which is translating classics and modern bestsellers from languages such as English, German, French, Italian, and Spanish into Georgian—leading to a market in which the share of Georgian and translated literature is 55% / 45%.

Take this opportunity to hear what Georgia has to offer as a potential export market for your books.

Topics include:

  • the state of publishing, distribution and retail
  • licensing English language, translation and audio rights
  • selling French-language titles into Georgia
  • co-editions
  • reading and book buying habits
  • market trends
  • ebook/audiobook market
  • and much more

Your Host

Gvantsa Jobava (1986) is the current chairperson of the Georgian Publishers and Booksellers Association and Head of the Publishing Program of the Georgia Guest of Honour at Frankfurter Buchmesse 2018 project. Since 2010, she has been the Editor/International Relations Manager at Intelekti Publishing, one of the biggest publishing houses in Georgia. She is also a writer and translator.

Since 2013, Gvantsa Jobava has been lobbying for the Georgian publishing industry, advocating Georgian publishers’ interests and rights, promoting book readings and organizing different kinds of book promotion events in Georgia, such as the Tbilisi International Book Fair, Tbilisi New Year Book Festival, and Georgia’s World Book Day ,Copyright Day , and World Read Aloud Day, as well as organizing Georgia’s national stands at the Frankfurt, Leipzig, London, and Sharjah book fairs.

She has been a fellow of different international book fairs, including the Lviv Book Forum, the Rome Book Fair, the Torino International Book Fair, the Gothenburg Book Fair, Sharjah International Book Fair, and the Vilnius Book Fair. In 2015 she was chosen as a Frankfurter Buchmesse Fellow and in 2016 she was a speaker for the Frankfurter Buchmesse Business Club special platform on Eastern Europe’s publishing industry.

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