Exporting to Mexico


With Mexico as the Market Focus of the 2015 London Book Fair, the time is right to take a closer look at this growing market and its opportunities as a potential export market for your books.

Mexico’s dynamic publishing industry has been on a strong rebound with a book market worth $938 million and sales growth of over 13% since 2010. As the 15th- largest economy in the world, it is becoming the dominant force in Spanish –language publishing.  Mexico’s rich literary tradition combined with government investment into the educational and cultural sectors, provides perfect conditions for an exciting glimpse into this growing export market.

Join Piedad Saenz, literary agent for a webinar exploring the ins and outs of the Mexican book market, including:

  • the state of publishing, distribution, and retail
  • reading and book buying habits
  • the trade, children’s, and education markets
  • the fast-growing digital publishing market
  • and much more

Your Host

Founder of the literary agency, LadyBooks, Piedad Saenz has built on more than seven years of publishing experience in South and North America, after having worked for a Canadian children’s publisher and at Fondo de Cultura Economica. With branches in Argentina, Brazil, Chile Colombia, Spain, Guatemala, Peru, and Venezuela, it is one of the largest publishers in the Spanish-language market.

Piedad Saenz has a vast and diverse marketing experience, business development, contract negotiation and rights, as well as a strong understanding of digital challenges. Having developed excellent publishing contacts in both South and North America and continuous travel between the two countries has given her an authentic view of the cultural particularities and the knowledge of the three main languages: English, French and Spanish.

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