Exporting to Norway

Guest of Honour at the 2019 Frankfurt Book Fair

The Norwegian book industry is home to a group of large, internationally well-known and respected publishing houses and literary agencies, as well as an abundance of small presses and newly established publishers. With substantial government funding of culture and one of the highest book consumption rates in the world, Norway is a market that should not be overlooked.

Take this opportunity to hear what Norway has to offer as a potential export market for your books.

Topics include:

  • the state of publishing, distribution, and retail
  • licensing English-language, translation, and audio rights
  • selling French-language titles into Norway
  • co-editions
  • reading and book buying habits
  • market trends
  • the ebook/audiobook market
  • and much more


Kristenn Einarsson is Managing Director of the Norwegian Publishers Association. Einarsson has been in the publishing business for more than 40 years. He is also the chair of IPA’s Freedom to Publish Committee, the President of the Bjørnson Academy (for literature and freedom of expression), and the chair of the boards of two companies in television distribution. He has previously been CEO of the Norwegian Book Clubs and Kunnskapsforlaget. He has also been the Chair of the Norwegian Film Fund and the Norwegian Film Council.







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