Exporting to Turkey for Canadian Publishers


Turkey’s international profile in publishing has risen dramatically since Orhan Pamuk won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2006. Its large and diverse publishing industry is worth approximately 1.5 billion dollars. Turkey has over 8,000 registered publishers, who published over 43,000 titles in 2011. Retail sales of imported titles topped 107 million dollars last year. Turkey’s literacy rate is above 85% and its population young (the median age is 28.8) and connected: there are 27 million Internet users and 65 million cellular phones in Turkey.

With Turkey the focus of the 2013 London Book Fair, the time is right to take a closer look at this growing market.

Istanbul-based literary agent Nermin Mollaoğlu presents this webinar exploring the ins and outs of the Turkish publishing market and its potential for Canadian book exports. You will discover:

  • the state of publishing, reading and book buying in Turkey
  • the trade, children’s and education markets for Canadian publishers
  • the digital publishing market
  • and much more

Your host

Nermin Mollaoğlu is a literary agent and founder of Kalem Agency, one of the most important copyright agencies in Turkey. In 2009 Nermin won the British Council’s “Young Publishing Entrepreneur of the Year, Turkey” award for her entrepreneurial ability in the development of the publishing sector in Turkey.

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