Global Social Media Strategies

Join us for a webinar offering key insights into developing and employing social media strategies for a global audience, hosted by marketing expert, Monique Sherrett.

Whether social media are envisioned and employed as marketing tools or as publishing platforms in their own right, there is no escaping the significant role they play in global publishing today. Discover the opportunities and challenges social media present for exporting Canadian publishers of all sizes and across both languages.

Designed to provide concrete information for Canadian publishers who seek to maximize their social media strategies for international markets, this webinar includes:

  • a high-level overview of current best practices in social media uses for publishers
  • examples of successful/useful international social media marketing strategies used by selected publishers
  • examples of successful/useful global social media marketing used by selected distributors
  • review of what is happening in social media in selected international markets
  • and much more!

This practical, hands-on webinar will provide publishers with knowledge of—and strategies for—engaging audiences across different languages, time zones, and cultures.

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Your Host

Monique Sherrett has a passion for all things digital, in particular using analytics to measure and improve marketing communications. She began her career as the internet marketing manager at Raincoast Books, where she spearheaded the first Harry Potter online campaigns, as well as the launch of Raincoast’s podcast series and blog in 2005. She founded Boxcar Marketing in 2007 and has continued to help organizations drive traffic to their sites, analyze the impact that traffic has on the bottom line, and identify actionable insights from reams of data. In addition to analytics consulting, Monique is a professor at Simon Fraser University, where she teaches social media, digital marketing, and technology.

Her one-minute marketing tips can be found on or on the Boxcar Marketing website: