Prêt de livres numériques à l’international : vendre du contenu aux bibliothèques à l’étranger


This webinar is in French. An English webinar, presented by Tricia McCraney on February 17, 2016, is available.

Join host Jean-François Cusson from for a webinar about international ebook lending as an export opportunity.

Digital publishing is maturing, and Canadian publishers are now faced with a variety of channels to sell their content to a global audience. As publishers and libraries learn to work together across new formats, international ebook lending allows publishers to maximize the global potential of their lists by reaching new and existing reading communities of readers. By exploring the opportunities and challenges of e-lending as well as large and small library vendors, layers of discoverability, and strategies for pricing and terms, this webinar will introduce practical tools to help publishers realize the possibilities of international ebook lending as a digital export opportunity.

Organized in collaboration with, this webinar will address topics such as:

  • How to get your ebooks into international libraries
  • Small and large international vendors and systems
  • Key differences between public and academic libraries and the unique challenges they face
  • Existing ebook lending models
  • Libraries as a source of discoverability
  • Metadata and systems
  • Terms and strategies for pricing in international markets


Jean-François Cusson is the Executive Director of, a non-profit organization that develops digital products and services for public libraries across Québec. He also manages the development of, a digital platform facilitating ebook lending between public libraries and their users. He is a professional librarian, and holds degrees in both Public Administration and Literature.



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