Rights Canada Fall 2010

Livres Canada Books (formerly the Association for the Export of Canadian Books) is pleased to present the fall 2010 edition of the Rights Canada catalogue. The Rights Canada catalogue was emailed to all foreign contacts. The catalogue is also available for download and further distribution on the Livres Canada Books website.

Canadian books, in English and French, are internationally renowned for their excellent quality and have captured the imagination of millions of readers around the world. Canadian authors and titles are regular recipients of national and international awards, showcasing the best of Canadian writing. The children’s list boasts internationally acclaimed authors and illustrators, sure to entice the imagination of children worldwide.  The non-fiction list includes titles in the genres of biography and memoir, business and economy, education, history, social sciences, and children’s/young adult books, providing discussions of the changing world around us. The fiction list is based upon themes that highlight the beauty and fragility of the human condition, providing insight and entertainment for any reader.

The Rights Canada catalogue will be available in print at the Frankfurt Book Fair (Hall 8.0, K949) and, the Belgrade Book Fair.  We encourage you to visit the Canada stand as well as the Quebec stand at these fairs to pick up a copy of our directory of Canadian exhibitors. Be sure to check the Livres Canada Books
website (http://www.livrescanada books.com) for up-to-date listings of where Canadian publishers will be and arrange your meetings in advance.

We hope you enjoy the fall 2010 edition of the Rights Canada catalogue and encourage you to explore what Canadian publishers have to offer. If specific titles in the catalogue interest you, please refer to the publishers index for contact information. We also encourage you to visit publishers’ websites for more details
on their lists.

You will also find information on these and other Canadian publishers’ titles on the Livres Canada Books website (https://www.livrescanadabooks.com). Our user-friendly site offers more than 3,000 searchable titles with direct links to nearly 250 publishers’ websites.  Additionally, you may email the catalogue directly to specific contacts worldwide.

We trust that the outstanding quality and creativity of Canadian publishing in this edition of Rights Canada will encourage you to work with Canadian publishers.

François Charette
Executive Director
Ottawa, September, 2010

Download (PDF)