Rights Canada Fall 2011

Livres Canada Books is pleased to present the fall 2011 edition of the Rights Canada catalogue.

Canadian writers have captured the imagination of millions of readers around the world in English, French, and a variety of languages. Canadian books consistently top bestseller lists and their quality and creativity is frequently recognized by national and international awards in every genre and category. This edition of Rights Canada offers more great Canadian fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books. New and selected fiction titles range from historical sagas to science fiction, featuring writing that is lyrical, intimate, and even sexy. Mysteries and graphic novels round out the list. The nonfiction section includes topical reflections and research on current issues in business, law, education, society, and religion, practical advice on health and family, a selection of biographies and a smattering of history. The fine and performing arts are also represented. Internationally acclaimed authors and illustrators are sure to entice the youngest readers and fickle teenagers alike. The children’s list features something for each of them, from amusing tales to books that help young readers discover the world around them and learn to cope with adult responsibilities.

New to this edition of the Rights Canada catalogue are eBooks. Canadian publishers are embracing digital publishing, offering their titles in new formats. Look for these among the titles listed in this catalogue.

We encourage you to explore what Canadian publishers have to offer. Many more titles are listed on our website. You can also consult up-to-date listings of which international book fairs Canadian publishers attend to arrange meetings in advance.

We hope that the outstanding quality and creativity of Canadian publishing in this edition of Rights Canada will encourage you to work with Canadian publishers.

François Charette
Executive Director, Livres canada Books
Ottawa, August 2011

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