A Colourful Life

The Art and Drawing of Josh Silburt

Auteur/ Illustrateur / Sous la direction de : Allan Silburt

The passion to draw transcends the barriers of poverty, politics and religion that aim to bar its path. It will not be denied.

A Colourful Life is an illustrated biography of the artist Josh Silburt (1914 – 1991). His childhood dream of becoming an artist collided head on with the economic and political upheavals brought about by the Great Depression. From his meagre Jewish roots in Winnipeg’s North End, Josh set out in the dirty 30s to make his living with a pen and a brush – first doing freelance portraits, then sports cartoons and finally political cartoons. His work appeared in most of the major newspapers across Canada. Ultimately, Josh’s left wing political views led to his firing at the start of the cold war and his career shifted from drawing to painting. Following the path of his early study under L.L. Fitzgerald at the Winnipeg School of Art, Josh developed his own unique style of palette knife application of vivid oil impasto and later brushed acrylics, capturing the beauty and ruggedness of Canada. Over the next four decades of prolific painting and evolving technique, Josh enjoyed considerable success with numerous one-man shows across Canada. His work appears in private and public collections throughout the world.

A Colourful Life is first and foremost a showcase of Silburt’s work over the six decades of his career as an artist and cartoonist. With over 250 illustrations presented in high resolution and large format, it is a delight to the eye. The biography is presented based on first-hand accounts by the artist’s son, Allan Silburt and supplemented by extensive research on the relevant events of the time period including a capsule history of life on the Jewish Left in the mid-20th century. The graphic design, by Marie-Claude Quenneville, is elegant and tasteful as drawings, photographs, newspaper clippings and artwork are woven together with the narrative.

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