Anyone’s Game

Auteur/ Illustrateur / Sous la direction de : Sylv Chiang illustrated by Connie Choi

It’s summertime, and even though his good friend Cali moved to another city, Jaden can connect with her online almost every day to play their favourite game. When a last-minute tournament spot opens up in Cali’s city, Jaden jumps at the chance to go. But things go badly from the start. The continuing adventures of Jaden and his friends as they try to master the video game Cross Ups while navigating life in middle school. To learn more about this publisher, click here:

Annick Press
DateISBNCode BISACThémaDroits disponibles
01-20189781773210476Rights sold in US, Canada
LangueFormatDimensionsPrixNombre de pages
AnglaisRelié5½ x 818.95 $ CA192