Days of Rivers Past

Reflections on British Columbia's Recreational Steelhead Fishery

Auteur/ Illustrateur / Sous la direction de : Robert Hooton

Days of Rivers Past takes the reader on a fascinating journey into the heart of the steelhead fishery. From the banks of the renowned streams Sustut, Babine, Skeena, Ksi Hlginx (formerly Ishkheenickh), Bulkley, Squamish, Tsitika, Salmon, Gold, Stamp, Englishman, and Nanaimo, Hooton guides us through the deep history of steelhead, from the 20th and into the 21st century, from times when fish stocks were historically strong to our current era when the species is suffering due to factors affecting human and non-human biosystems alike.

RMB | Rocky Mountain Books
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