Keeping Promises

The Royal Proclamation of 1763, Aboriginal Rights, and Treaties in Canada

Dir. : Terry Fenge and Jim Aldridge

“An impressive and lucid work whose various authors are acknowledged experts in their fields and at the top of their game.” –Graham White, University of Toronto

In 1763 King George III of Great Britain, victorious in the Seven Years War with France, issued a proclamation to organize the governance of territory newly acquired by the Crown in North America and the Caribbean. The proclamation reserved land west of the Appalachian Mountains for Indians, and required the Crown to purchase Indian land through treaties, negotiated without coercion and in public, before issuing rights to newcomers to use and settle on the land. Marking its 250th anniversary, Keeping Promises shows how central the application of the Proclamation is to the many treaties that followed it and to the settlement and development of Canada.

McGill-Queen’s University Press
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