Auteur/ Illustrateur / Sous la direction de : Joey Comeau

Sunday’s father is dying of cancer. They’ve come home to Malagash, on the north shore of Nova Scotia, so he can die where he grew up. Her mother and her brother are both devastated. Devastated doesn’t fix anything. Sunday has a plan. A computer virus that will think her father’s thoughts and say her father’s words. She has thousands of lines of code to write. Cryptography to understand. Exploits to test. She doesn’t have time to be sad. Her father is going to live forever. To learn more about this publisher, click here:

ECW Press
DateISBNCode BISACThémaDroits disponibles
01-20189781770414075Rights sold in Chinese simplified
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AnglaisBroché4 1/2 x 715.95 $ CA184