Maximilian’s Mistake

Auteur/ Illustrateur / Sous la direction de : Jonathan Christenson; Bretta Gerecke

A darkly humorous family tale of six sisters and a brother that is sure to bring tears to the reader’s eyes.

Maximilian leads a perfectly ordinary life until one day his father contracts a mysterious illness. Before long, his mother and each of his six elder sisters are struck down by the same malediction and with each passing day their condition becomes more critical. To make matters worse, Maximilian fears that the cause of his family’s misfortunes may be traced back to him and a single ghastly mistake he made!

Jonathan Christenson writes whimsically tragic plays. He also directs and composes the songs and music these plays and travels with them in North America and Europe when they tour. Bretta Gerecke invents costumes and environments for plays. 

Bayeux Arts
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