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Groupe Modus is one of the leading French-language publishing companies in Canada, and many of its works are now published in English Canada, France, Switzerland and Belgium. Founded in the early 1990s by Marc G. Alain, President and CEO, the publishing group is made up of four imprints, Modus Vivendi, Éditions Bravo, Presses Aventure and Sélection Reader’s Digest, each with their own particular focus.

The first division of the group, Modus Vivendi, was created in 1992. This publishing house is recognized for its books on lifestyle, cooking, outdoors and health. Shortly after, in 1996, Presses Aventure was formed. This division is dedicated to kids, and publishes picture books, activity books and comic books. In 2008, Éditions Bravo was launched for game lovers. Crosswords, sudoku, puzzles, coloring books and creative pastimes joined Groupe Modus’s other books on the shelves. In 2014, the group continued to grow with the development of biographies as well as beautiful reference books on art and history under the Sélection Reader’s Digest label.

Always ready to take on new challenges, the publishing group continues to grow. Made up of dozens of professionals who are determined to bring their passion for books to readers of all ages and of all interests, the Group Modus team is evolving along with our world.

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