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Bayeux entered the relatively peaceful waters of the publishing world in 1994. Its very first title, “Beside the Ocean of Time” by the Scottish writer George Mackay Brown, was short-listed for the 1994 Booker Prize. Since then, Bayeux has continued to publish 8 to 10 titles a year, entered the turbulent world of ePublishing.

Bayeux is an independent publishing house located in Calgary, Alberta (Canada’s Rocky Mountain province).

Bayeux remains committed to producing books of beauty that build bridges across cultures. As its name was intended to suggest, the artistic nature of its books represents the cornerstone of its publishing program. Our list is deliberately eclectic and contains books that other publishers often shy away from. We publish these books because they deserve publication and because they deserve to be read.

Bayeux’s other imprints include ROSENCRANTZ COMICS, and ODD LITTLE BOOKS. ROSENCRANTZ COMICS highlights and salutes the growing genre of graphic novels. ODD LITTLE BOOKS brings together visual artists, dramatists, poets, puppeteers, playwrights, musicians in a charming collection of pocket sized gems.

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