Fifth House Publishers

Respected writer/editor Caroline Heath founded Fifth House in 1982 as a literary press specializing in fiction, poetry, and Native titles. The name Fifth House has astrological origins concerned with the alignment of the planets and the creative act.

In 1988, Fraser Seely bought the company. Fifth House became a trade book publisher focusing on Western Canadian nonfiction, biography, and Native titles. The demise of Hurtig Publishers and Western Producer Prairie Books around this time presented an opportunity—and a need—to fill the regional void. Titles were selected for quality, marketability, and contribution to an understanding of Western Canadian history, culture, and environment. The press soon established a distinct identity as a voice for writers and topics from the Canadian West, with strong editorial and marketing programs. This commitment was based on the belief that “in an era of globalization, it is important not to lose sight of the regional lives, histories, and communities that define us.” Fifth House slogan: “Bringing the West to the Rest.”

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